Our Safety Tips

Workspayce.ng is here to give our customers a free and easy way to buy, sell and find opportunities. And while most people who use Workspayce.ng stick to the rules, some break them and cause a problem. We can’t keep an eye on everyone all the time, so we share as much advice with our customers as we can to keep them safe.
What we offer
- Around the clock support. Someone from our team is always there to help, either by email, live chat, social media or phone.
Our biggest piece of advice is: if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. That’s why we encourage customers to meet buyers or sellers in a public place in daylight – and to take a friend. If anything bad or suspicious happens, they should get in touch with us straight away.
If someone’s breaking our rules and a customer reports them, we can block them and delete their account. If it’s a very serious issue, we encourage customers to call the police. We work closely with the police and Get Safe Online to protect customers – and improve how we tell people when there’s a problem.

These are our top tips to staying safe when trading online:

For Buyers

- Try to meet in person: This gives you the chance to check out who you are hiring. Get an appointment with them during working hours in an unhidden location.

-  Check the quality of the service: Reviews on site, interaction with the service provider, assessment of previous jobs will help assure you the ability of the service provider to deliver your specifications. Else, check other options.

-  Pay as negotiated:  Negotiate the services cost and terms of payment. Paying in at least two instalments is advised to protect both the “hirer’ and “seller”.

-  Ask for paperwork. Ask for receipts and contract document as might be necessary for integrity.
For Service Providers
- Build your business on integrity to attract more clients. Referral will do the magic.

- Deliver your job in time and according to agreed specification.

- Always meet your clients during work hours at a venue whose security is assured.

- If someone’s paying cash, make sure you check the bank notes are real. Keep record of all payments for reference.

-  If a buyer says they’ve sent you too much money and then asks for the surplus back, it’s probably a scam. Ask your bank if any money has gone in.